Yvette Santana

Chief Women’s Ministry Officer

National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

Yvette Santana has served the Lord and the Church since her youth. Her passions are education and women’s ministry and ensuring that all have an equal opportunity to fulfill their dreams and live up to their God-given potential.

She holds a Masters degree in Educational Psychology and a Bachelor degree in Sociology. She served as a Guidance Counselor in a K-12 urban school setting, working specifically with at-risk youth. She has served in ministry together with her husband for over 28 years as Evangelists, Youth and Education directors, Evangelism Directors, and Lead Pastors, where they saw the transitioning and revitalization of two congregations, one which grew from 50 to over 1800 in weekly attendance.

Currently, she serves as Women’s Discipleship Coordinator for the Church of God SW Region as well as Chief Women’s Ministries Coordinator for the NHCLC.

Yvette is married to Samuel and together they have two sons Samuel II and David, who as young adults continue to bring them much joy.


Placing Value on Community Collaborations

Presented by Traci Dobronravova, Yvette Santana, Kelly Dearman, Torrie Fields in Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4 at 9:10 AM on Wednesday, October 10th.

This session will explore the importance of community partnerships in delivering high-quality, person-centered care in a coordinated and efficient manner. Experts will delve into the crucial role that interdisciplinary collaborations among community members can play in providing care. Attendees can use this insight to inform the development of partnerships in their own communities.