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Ramie Liddle New

Ramie Liddle

Driving Miss Norma

Ramie Liddle and her husband Tim Bauerschmidt are professional nomads who retired by the age of 50 to travel cross-country full time in their Airstream trailer with Ringo, their Standard Poodle. They’ve explored every state but Alaska, and consider Mexico’s Baja peninsula the closest thing to home.


Breakout Session V – Intuitive Consumer Engagement: A Fireside Chat with Ramie Liddle

Presented by Tamara Cull, Ramie Liddle at 7:30 AM on Friday, October 11th.

In this session you’ll hear from Tamara Cull, DHA, SVP, Aveus Consulting and how to construct a winning program with lessons learned from one of the most successful consumer engagement initiatives in the world, Driving Miss Norma. Connecting a well-developed concept to an authentic and relatable message proves to be a recipe for inspiration in…