Angela Overton Photo

Min. Angela Overton

Senior Advisor, Interfaith and Diversity Workgroup

Angela Overton serves as a Contract Chaplain at Norton Hospital, an Associate Minister at Green Castle Baptist Church and a Staff Member at Burnett Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, where she is dedicated to Godly compassionate care alongside advancing collaboration between church and community for all those that are affected by illness.


Breakout Session II – Engaging Faith Communities

Presented by Min. Angela Overton, Rabbi Lynn Liberman, Patrice Koelsch, PhD, Fr. Thomas Knoblach at 7:30 AM on Friday, October 11th.

This session will feature a variety of faith leaders who are distinguished in their communities will share faith beliefs and how that affects care and the role leaders play in helping to navigate care supports. The session will encourage and empower both emerging and established clergy leaders, as well as lay leaders to bring advance…