Lou Gagliano Photo

Louis J. Gagliano

Strategic Advisor

Lou is a professional health care executive with over 35 years of industry experience.  During his corporate career he served in a number of senior management positions and ended his career as a corporate officer with a Fortune 500 device company.  Among his significant accomplishments was helping to develop and launch the first to market group of instruments and the company was the first device company to introduce laparoscopic surgery.

Since retirement from his corporate career, he has managed a number of healthcare startups, served on the board of healthcare ventures, advised health care delivery systems, and acted as an advisor to venture healthcare investment groups.  In all of these roles he focused on methods of improvement and changes that would benefit patient care and system improvement broadly defined.

He was recently an Advisor to The Leap Frog Group helping to expand their strategy of hospital quality measures to embrace the concept of value based contracting.  He joined C-TAC as a Strategic Advisor early in 2018 concentrating on the group’s Index Measures.  He has helped to focus the development effort of the Index Measures to a state-by-state base in order to create a better method of identifying changes that will improve delivery of Advanced Care.  This is being accomplished by determining Best Practices of care delivery in states that are accomplishing goals of care that exceed those of other states.  By determining the reasons for these better care patterns C-TAC seeks to help states that are not performing as well to improve their care patterns.

Also within his C-TAC role, he has advised Respecting Choices on strategies and tactics to improve their marketing programs.


Breakout Session II – Best Practices of High Performing States

Presented by Alexis Malfesi, Louis J. Gagliano, Jessica O. Brown, Sandra Severson, Sarah Ascher, Theresa Schmidt at 10:15 AM on Thursday, October 10th.

Creating a person-centered care approach often “misses opportunities” that ensure the voice of the individual and family are included in the design of the care planning process. Are you focused on the “right stuff” to ensure care delivered aligns with a plan of care that is centered around an individuals’ preferences, needs, values, and beliefs?…