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Julie Benson, MD

Lakewood Health System

Dr. Julie Benson is a Family Medicine Physician at Lakewood Health System. She has a special interest in healthcare for all ages, specifically hospice and palliative care. She is the Hospice and Palliative Care Medical Director at Lakewood. Dr. Benson sees patients at our Staples and Motley clinics. Dr. Benson also serves on the Minnesota Palliative Care Advisory Council, which assesses the availability of palliative care across the state, analyzes barriers that hinder access to palliative care, and provides policy recommendations and draft legislation.


Breakout Session IV – Rural Innovation in Advanced Illness Care – Programs and Policy Opportunities

Presented by “B” Brian Mistler, PhD, Lori Vrolson, Julie Benson, MD, Jane Pederson, MD, MS at 10:15 AM on Thursday, October 10th.

What works in the city will work in rural, right? Wrong. When it comes to taking care of people with serious illness, one-size is not fits-all, and the unique mix of services and support available to meet the needs of patients and families in rural communities demand tailored strategies and solutions. This session will highlight…