Jane Pederson Photo

Jane Pederson, MD, MS

Chief Medical Quality Officer
Stratis Health

Dr. Pederson provides clinical leadership to Stratis Health’s health care quality and safety initiatives. In this role, she has worked on a wide variety of local and national projects, often with a focus on long-term care settings. As a geriatrician providing primary care to residents in assisted living settings and as a care-giver for aging parents, she experiences firsthand the real life implications of the interactions between quality improvement, safety and policy. Her goal is to assist in the creation of policies, systems of care, and services which support aging individuals to: receive care and services that are person-centered, be treated with dignity and respect, and be allowed autonomy and choice for as long as they desire.


Breakout Session IV – Rural Innovation in Advanced Illness Care – Programs and Policy Opportunities

Presented by “B” Brian Mistler, PhD, Lori Vrolson, Julie Benson, MD, Jane Pederson, MD, MS at 10:15 AM on Thursday, October 10th.

What works in the city will work in rural, right? Wrong. When it comes to taking care of people with serious illness, one-size is not fits-all, and the unique mix of services and support available to meet the needs of patients and families in rural communities demand tailored strategies and solutions. This session will highlight…