David Sevier

Managing Director

The Generations Study Group

Throughout his Navy career, David served on ships, led forces and developed legislation and policy for the Secretary of Defense and Congress. In 1994, he was asked to establish the US military’s health system (TRICARE), serving over 9 million individuals with a $50 billion budget.

Following the Navy, David led a US State Department program to create health systems in developing countries. He then spent four years directing international programs for non-profit organization, Mercy Ships, in the Netherlands.

Sevier subsequently established a Washington, DC-based “think tank,” and directed a federal Commission to build a 20-year strategy for the Department of Veterans Affairs. He then, unexpectedly, served as interim director for Uganda’s Healthcare Federation.

Sevier is adjunct Assistant Professor at UNC Greensboro, and chairs a Criminal Justice Commission for Greensboro, NC.

David. and wife Catherine, are building a $1.2 million Duke Endowment funded online program for individuals to “own their health, and plan for care in advance.”