Brian Vallo

Pueblo of Acoma


Opening & Virtual Plenary

Presented by Arif Kamal, MD, Marisette Hasan, Rev. Dr. Gus Reyes, Julie Smithwick, LMSW, CHW, Gayle Dine’Chacon, MD, Brian Vallo, Emily Haozous, PhD, RN, FAAN, Joseph F. Coughlin, Pastor Alma Wooley, Elder Angela Overton, Rev. Adrian Baker at 12:00 PM on Thursday, October 29th.

Host:  Arif Kamal, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Duke University, Sojourn Scholar "Voices for Change" Speakers: - Julie Smithwick, LMSW, CHW, Executive Director, Center for Community Health Alignment - Gayle Dine’Chacon, MD, Founder, Center for Native American Health - Brian Vallo, Governor, Pueblo of Acoma - Rev. Dr. Gus Reyes, Director, Christian Life Commission, Baptist…