Brian Mistler

“B” Brian Mistler, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

A healthcare leader with a deep understanding of the systems and strategies that drive year-over-year business impact and growth. Results-oriented, tech-savvy, and adept at goal prioritization, “B” also brings a warm heart and personal passion for hiring and supporting top-quality professionals who care for people throughout their life.

With the previous decade spent primarily managing university medical centers, Dr. Mistler has experience directing large interdisciplinary teams and multi-million-dollar budgets, overcoming the challenges of rapid growth, and serving high need populations using value-based payment models. Trained as a licensed psychologist, and known especially for his suicide death prevention work, Mistler has published widely, taught at universities and hospitals, received federal grants, and is often a trainer/consultant for companies, colleges, and organizations.


Breakout Session IV – Rural Innovation in Advanced Illness Care – Programs and Policy Opportunities

Presented by “B” Brian Mistler, PhD, Lori Vrolson, Julie Benson, MD, Jane Pederson, MD, MS at 10:15 AM on Thursday, October 10th.

What works in the city will work in rural, right? Wrong. When it comes to taking care of people with serious illness, one-size is not fits-all, and the unique mix of services and support available to meet the needs of patients and families in rural communities demand tailored strategies and solutions. This session will highlight…