Reimagining Advance Care Planning

Wednesday, October 28th

About the Session

For years, there have been huge efforts to get advance directives completed and part of medical records, yet only a relatively small percentage of the population has them completed. If our goal is increasing access to the right care at the right time, aligned with patient preferences, are there other ways to get us there? This Lab will be framed by experts on how they measure the impact of advance care planning in order to help you apply best practices to activities in your community.

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Presented By

Erik K. Fromme, MD, MCR, FAAHPM

Senior Scientist; Palliative Care Physician
Ariadne Labs; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Stephanie Anderson, DPN, RN

Executive Director
Respecting Choices

Tiffany Callender, MSW

Program Director
Horizon Foundation

Anna Gosline

Executive Director
Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness