Payment Accelerator for Community Palliative Care (Presented by CAPC)

Tuesday, October 27th

About the Session

Please note that there is an additional registration fee of $49 to participate in this pre-conference session.

CAPC’s Payment Accelerator helps leaders at healthcare and social service organizations to gain the skills needed to contract directly with health insurance plans and other risk-bearing organizations. Attend the Payment Accelerator to hear perspectives from payers and programs that have successfully established sustainable financial partnerships.

Why is this important?

Thanks to recent shifts away from fee-for-service and toward value-based payment for quality outcomes, payer interest in high-value services such as home-based care, transportation, and social supports is growing, yet it is far from universal. The Payment Accelerator takes the lessons learned from pioneering organizations to define key success factors for strong payer relationships.

What will you learn?

    • How to assess the pros and cons of potential partners and how to target and engage financing partners
    • The “dos and don’ts” of negotiation, sustainable collaborations, and business relationships
    • Considerations for pricing and operational efficiency

Who should attend?
The Payment Accelerator is for program leaders delivering services to high-cost/high-need adults in community settings. Organizations interested in participating in alternative payment models from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation are encouraged to attend.
For maximum benefit, it is recommended that teams of 2-3 attend this four hour workshop, including the following roles:

    • Clinical program leadership
    • Financial leadership, including those responsible for contracting
    • Business development/marketing leadership


Part I: Value-Based Payment and Partnership
Description: During the first part of the Accelerator workshop, attendees will learn how value-based payment works, and how their services contribute to a payers’ priorities. They will also learn how to find and assess potential partners and understand the basics of a contract.

Part II: Pricing and Operations
Description: Attendees will explore how they might price their services and what payment arrangements might be available. The need for operating efficiency will be highlighted and ideas for how to be more efficient under fixed payment will be discussed.

Part III: Collaboration and Relationships
Description: Attendees will explore “do’s and don’t’s” in negotiation and relationships, and close with a full review of all the concepts introduced.

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Presented By

Laura Patel, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Transitions LifeCare

Anna Gosline

Executive Director
Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness

Tom Gualtieri-Reed, MBA

Spragens & Gualtieri-Reed