Community Collaboration to Reduce Fracture Risk Caused by Osteoporosis

Thursday, October 29th

About the Session

Only 20% of patients who experience a fracture caused by osteoporosis are assessed and or treated for the underlying cause for that fracture. Due to the fact that there is a 5x higher risk of another fracture within 12 months following a fracture, it is imperative that we find a way to close this care gap to improve the health outcomes for this patient population. Members of this population who are more vulnerable, whether it be due to socioeconomic reasons or access to quality healthcare must have their osteoporosis managed comprehensively to avoid disease progression and risk for a subsequent fracture. Appropriate care and community integration support a patient so that they can maintain independence rather than becoming dependent, preserve functionality and overall quality of life.

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Presented By

Alison Kocanda

Head of US Bone Team
UCB, Inc.

Keyla Brooks

Global Medical Solutions Lead
UCB, Inc.