Can We Talk? Putting People at the Heart of Health Care

Thursday, October 29th

About the Session

As we confront the unpredictable conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can foster more trusting relationships by prioritizing person-centered care. Still, evidence indicates that many practitioners are reluctant to initiate goals of care conversations. “Can We Talk?” is an innovative communication skills-building initiative conceived by the National Patient Advocate Foundation that helps boost patient and caregiver confidence, and practitioner awareness, about having the words to use to get the care individuals need. This interactive session will feature real-world patient data, reflecting insights from underserved populations, as well as resources available and actions that can be taken to promote person-centered care during in-person and telehealth visits.

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Presented By

Melissa Williams, MPH

Associate Director of Policy and Field Advocacy
National Patient Advocate Foundation

Rebecca Kirch, JD

Executive Vice President of Policy and Programs
National Patient Advocate Foundation