Breakout Session II – Best Practices of High Performing States

Thursday, October 10th

About the Session

Creating a person-centered care approach often “misses opportunities” that ensure the voice
of the individual and family are included in the design of the care planning process. Are you
focused on the “right stuff” to ensure care delivered aligns with a plan of care that is centered
around an individuals’ preferences, needs, values, and beliefs? Join a group of leading experts to discuss strategies which include the voice of the individual as you lead, engage, and develop the necessary person-centered systems into care delivery.

Presented By

Alexis Malfesi

Project Manager
Discern Health

Louis J. Gagliano

Strategic Advisor

Jessica O. Brown

Chief Operating Officer
Goals of Care of New Jersey

Sandra Severson

Vice President, Care Improvement
Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association

Sarah Ascher

Senior Director - Arizona End of Life Care Partnership
United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

Theresa Schmidt

Discern Health

Supplemental Resources

Bring these items to the session, or refer to them after the session is over.