Looking to the future of the advanced care, the Coalition is inviting leaders in the movement to attend our National Summit and use it as a platform to announce turn-key initiatives that support people living with advanced illness. We invite those who make commitments to join us at the next Summit to report on their progress and share what they've learned.

Take a look at the commitments made during our 2018 Summit below. If you would like to make your own commitment to transform advanced care, please contact C-TAC Communications Manager Stephen Waldron at swaldron@thectac.org.

2018 Summit Commitments

Cambia Health Foundation

The Cambia Health Foundation has committed to:

  • Collaboration and innovation, manifested by the launch of an Oregon Serious Illness Coalition, a Person-Centered Ecosystem of Serious Illness Care. Foundation President Peggy Maguire will report progress to C-TAC in 2019

The Cigna Foundation has provided a total of $320,000 to C-TAC for a two-year grant. During this second year of funding, C-TAC has committed to:

  • Partnering with faith-based organizations that work with C-TAC, ensuring that caregivers in their congregation have access to important tools and resources
  • Collaborating with C-TAC Caregiver Fellows Tim Bauerschmidt and Ramie Liddle in order to learn how caregiving resources can be distributed to an online community
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Cigna Logo

The Cigna Corporation has announced that it will:

  • Launch four pilot projects to work with employers on caregiving interventions, analyzing and restructuring the way that caregiving resources are delivered in the workplace
  • Share their findings by joining C-TAC for the 2019 National Summit on Advanced Illness Care

The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) has committed to:

  • Continuing its partnership with C-TAC to work on solutions that can bolster the capacity of the Aging Network to support those who live with advanced illness and their families. n4a will collaborate with C-TAC to share best practices and create new educational resources that will facilitate sustainable partnerships between the Aging Network and advanced illness care providers and payers.
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Stupski Foundation

The Stupski Foundation has announced that it will:

  • Invest $40 million in serious illness care initiatives in the Bay Area and Hawai’i by 2029
  • Spend all of its assets within the next 10 years to address some of the Bay Area’s and Hawai‘i’s biggest challenges so one day everyone can benefit from the wealth of opportunities and resources in their communities
  • Provide an update on their efforts during the 2019 National Summit on Advanced Illness Care

The American Heart Association has committed to:

  • Collaborate with C-TAC and healthcare and community partners, as well as AHA volunteers and caregivers in Denver and Dallas to convene additional roundtable discussions to address the conversation in the Blue Chair and support the development of resources to engage and educate physicians through AHA’s professional education offerings.
  • Build on their commitment to addressing the needs of caregivers in the workplace by integrating this issue into AHA’s National Workplace Health Symposiums and additional symposiums across the country to continue to educate and engage thousands of employers in this discussion.